Hello all, and welcome to my site!  So you can have a bit of a better idea of who I am, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Cory and I am a teacher in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Aside from my love of the written word, the thing I am most passionate about in my life is being able to experience the raw beauty and wonder of the great wilds that abound in this glorious state.  I love to load my two dogs up into my truck and drive out into the mountains to go for hikes to be alone with my thoughts and allow my pups to run free as nature intended.

As for this site – I am excited about the opportunity this platform may provide for me to be able to express my thoughts and share my writing with my students.  I hope that this, following the hiccups of getting initially started, will prove to be an enjoyable and formative experience for all of us.  Since I last used this site, I have noticed some changes in operating it that do concern me – especially since I am not exactly the most tech-savvy of individuals, but I appreciate the opportunity this will provide for me to work on refining my skills to something at least hopefully nearing competency.  I also think that this will end up being a great learning experience for my class as they begin to write and provide feedback to one another.

That about does it for the time being.  Again, welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy your visit.   – Cory